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Hospital Parking Charges

Many people who attend NHS hospitals, either as patients or vistors, expect car parking to be free.

However, given the limits on space, the costs involved and the demand for spaces, car parking needs to be managed properly, Often the most effective way to do this is charging for parking.

Parking charges can help to pay for maintenance and management services and prevent these becoming a drain on healthcare budgets.

Unfortunatley, there are many motorists who do not abide by the rules for parking, therefore there will always be a need for protection of this income. Due to the new laws Immoblisation will now not be an option.

Experienced and with a solid reputation in the Education industry. Parkshield are one of select few National companies operating under the approval of the Independent Parking Committee (IPC) Approved Operator Schemes. Supported by the DVLA.

Parkshield will work with you to maintain a fair balance of enforcement to provide parking safetey and space maxmisation to include and not limited to

Blue Badge Holders
Staff Car Parks
Ambulance Bays
Open Access Parking Pay and display.
Drop Zones
Emergency Staff Spaces
Access Roads
Fire Access
Loading Zones

Understanding & Investigation
We are very experienced with dealing with motorists that have visited hospitals. Without a doubt there are many occasions when an individual has genuine reasons for parking in contravention. Our experienced Appeals processing team takes this into account and mitigating circumstances are always considered.


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